DRose 6 Strap Adjustment

*Pictures/video taken with Blackberry Q10.

*All fiddling was done to the straps of the DRose 6 Primeknit version and Schwollo’s eyelet trick (found in the Fit Section) was applied afterwards. 

Alright, here we go..

Initially or stock, the straps on the DRose 6 do nothing because they are stitched into the plastic.1cut stitching

So, I carefully cut away at the stitching and found that the nylon part of the strap was free moving and independently helped improve lockdown – demonstrated in the gif.

*Quick Side Note: I recommend not cutting the nylon strap itself as it will fray – feel free not to make the same mistake I did.

3side note

The last thing I did was test the structural integrity of the shoe without the plastic part of the strap to see if the nylon was sufficient enough.

ankle side

As seen from the strain on the heel tab, the nylon strap rode up a bit too high causing the shoe to lose its composure. This presented an issue because naturally, I liked the feeling of soft nylon on my medial malleolus (yeah, definitely looked that one up) versus a hard plastic. Compromising, I cut the plastic strap up to point where the shoe remained structurally sound.



The final strap with a side by side comparison – also the Featured Image!

5final product