Jordan XX8 Shroud Shortening

*The featured image is a pair of West All Star Jordan XX8s

After balling in the XX8s (1 out of 2 pairs in my hardwood only rotation), I started to become curious if I could cut the lengthy shroud. Would the XX8s be more visually pleasing? This curiosity led me to do the following..

*Side Note: If this is a desired modification, I suggest being or knowing someone proficient with a needle and thread


Snip! And there it goes. Don’t worry though, as this was a fairly calculated cut. My thought before starting this project was to always fold the shroud over on itself and the zipper acted as a great base guideline.


Here is a closeup of the completed stitching along the folded edge of the shroud after doing battle with the stretchy fabric. This may look somewhat uniform and pretty; but, I admit that the lateral (this is the right shoe) stitching was done first and it looked like train tracks after a derailing.


The two shoes, in all their glory, completed with cut shrouds acting as fallen troops. Their service will be honored; however, not greatly mourned.. because such high shrouds had no performance value whatsoever.