Jordan XII Cushioning Revival

*Featured image is a pair of Air Jordan XII Black Patent Lows and yes, this is 2 of 2 in my hardwood only rotation


Would ya believe it if I said the zoom in my Jordan XII’s left shoe popped? Well, here’s an inconclusive picture that’s really just a picture of part of the footbed.


I know, impossible to tell the cushioning feels flat. Just take my word for it though because I’ve found a work around – the only way to fix a popped zoom bag is … ZOOM! Funny that that is all ya need and here is how I tested that.


Far Left: Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Insoles – the best insole in my opinion

Middle: Zoom Insert – purchased off eBay, shipped from China

Far Right: Dr. Scholl’s Gel Insole – available at any supermarket

Notes regarding the tested products: the Polysorb insoles lacked the responsive cushioning I desired in the forefoot – granted, this pair is used and the polyurethane quite broken in. The Zoom insert felt fantastic and my XIIs felt brand new again. Lastly, the Gel insole was a quick and decisive throwaway because it was not what my foot was looking for whatsoever.

Now, it’s obvious the zoom insert was going to be the clear fix; however, it was much too thick when applied under the XII’s stock insole. This was where Dr. Scholl’s Air Pillo insoles came to the rescue – I don’t have a picture of the insole on its own, but here is a link. Pictures were taken of the Zoom insert/Air Pillo insole duo versus the Polysorb insole though.



The Air Pillo insole is literally a few pieces of paper thick and even compressed under foot to become practically paper thin. As seen from the pictures, even the Polysorb insole’s heel is thicker than the Zoom/Air Pillo duo.

Lastly, a compromise was to be made.. it was obvious the forefoot lacked the same roominess with a Zoom/Air Pillo duo. The compromise made was that my superstitious behavior of double socking had to be nixed and only one sock applied from now on. All in all, a very easy compromise when the benefit is to continue hooping in my XIIs.