Converse Star Playr Pro Makeover

Yes, I’ve decided to include Skateboarding posts on my main page alongside Basketball related material – all in an effort to stick with hobbies that I’ve never truly committed to.. I present a small but fun aesthetic alteration on  a pair of Converse skate shoes.

First off, I bought these for $25 dollars at the Converse outlet and they came with a Lunarlon insole!


Comfy stuff; but, since skating these shoes, I ditched the Lunarlon insoles (actually, gave them to a good friend) for Footprint insoles – something I plan on creating a post about in the near future.

Back to the alteration and because of the price point, I felt absolutely no remorse tearing these apart with a Cutco steak knife. My plan was to minimize the shoe by removing the star and converse strip


Looks good, right? I thought so.. and continuing with the minimizing, I also cut away the back leather strip with the converse logo but had to leave a slight semi circle to cover up the opened stitch in the canvas material

After completing both shoes, I thoroughly skated them and they now look like this (something to really marvel at in all their shoe goo and missing toe cap rubber splendor)